Geophysical Imaging Technologies

Crust structure and site characteristics are generally studied intensely within the scope of geophysical imaging Technologies and researches have been accomplished in the areas listed below and Project based activities have been carried out.

Shallow (<1km) Studies

  • Seismic Refraction/Reflection/Surface Waves, Microgravity, 3-Dimensional imaging by Magnetic, Electromagnetic, GPR methods; coal, geologic storage, buried fault, archaeo-geophysics
  • Engineering Seismology, Microzoning, Basement Vs30, Vp/Vs
  • Landslides, Active Fault Mapping and Monitoring, Borehole geophysics, ground based SAR, LIDAR

Deep Studies

  • Basin, Crust and Upper Mantle Studies by Active/Passive/Seismic Tomography, Surface Waves, receiver Functions, Anisotropy, Gravity and  MT methodologies
  • Geothermal reservoir Imaging and Monitoring by Active/Passive Seismology, Seismic, Electromagnetic, Gravity and Magnetic methods

Marine Geophysics

  • Sea Bottom Bathymetry
  • Marine Seismic, Gravity, Magnetic
  • Underwater Ambient Noise

Geophysical Imaging Technologies Strategical Business Unit operates by a team of 11 people with its researcher team (27% Ph.D: 45% M.Sc) and technicians.. It takes part in a collaboration network with universities, Metropolitan Municipalities such as Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa and state organizations such as Turkish Coal Enterprise and Turkish Petroleum Corporation.

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