Advanced Geology Technologies

Research has been carried out in the topics listed below, within the framework of Advanced Geology Technologies. When 1 MV Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory under construction will start operation, it will be the only one in The Middle East and the Balkans, serving both nationally and internationally.

Geochemical Research

  • Natural Gas, Rock Gas, Coal Gas
  • Geothermal and Water Geochemistry
  • Geology Based Health Hazards
  • Stable Isotope Studies

Marine Geology

  • Sedimentology
  • Continental Shelf Studies
  • Gas Hydrate
  • Sea Bottom Classification

Dating by Accelerated Mass Spectrometer

  • Geological, Archaeological, Hydrological and Climatic Dating

Advanced Geology Technologies Strategic Business Unit consists of a team of 8 people (50% Ph.D., 25 % M.Sc.)  Researchers and technicians.

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