Active Tectonics Research Technologies

Within the framework of active tectonics research Technologies, studies are generally focused upon hazards of seismic origin carrying out research and project based activities in the areas listed below:

Multidisciplinary Monitoring and Modeling Geologic Hazards

  • Monitoring and modeling Earthquake, Tsunami, Landslide, Volcano and Geothermal Phenomena
  • Probabilistic/Definitional Seismic Risk Analyses at Provincial and National Level
  • Geologic Risk analyses for Nuclear, Geothermal Powerplants, Dams, Bridges, Tube Passage and Similar Structures

Seismic Research

  • Seismotectonic Research
  • Seismic Source Modeling
  • Crust Deformations, Fault Slip Velocity
  • Earthquake recurrence and stress interaction, long term earthquake forecasting
  • Paleoseismology, Structural Geology

Postseismic Emergency Observations

  • Real time After-Shock Studies
  • Geodesic Deformation Monitoring (GPS, PSinSAR, SAR, LİDAR)
  • Coulomb Stress Modeling and Aftershock Hazard
  • Surface Fracture and Active Fault Mapping

Active Tectonics Research Technologies Strategic Business Unit carries out its activities as a team of 12 people including 25% Ph.D. 41% M.Sc. researchers and technicians. Cooperation network includes state organizations, governorships and foreign research centers and universities within the framework of EC Frame Programs.

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