PEMT'20 Meeting hosted by TPAO under the auspices of the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Fatih Dönmez was held in Istanbul with the participation of TÜBİTAK MAM Earth and Marine Sciences Institute.

“National Technologies for Petroleum Industry” Meeting (PEMT’20), which was hosted by TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation), supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and honored by the participation of the Minister Fatih Dönmez, was held on 10 February 2020 at the Crown Plaza Istanbul-Asia and aimed to make national industry a part of National Energy and Mining Policy, to contribute to the production of high value-added goods, services and technologies and to pioneer the creation of a roadmap by bringing stakeholders together. The meeting brought together research centers, universities, national industry and sector representatives.

Speaking at the opening panel of the meeting, TÜBİTAK MAM Earth and Marine Sciences Institute Director Prof. Abdullah Karaman stressed that Turkey needs to make a roadmap as soon as possible to nationalize the directional drilling technology in which Turkey is foreign dependent.   Karaman stated that if directional drilling technology is nationalized, a multiplier effect will be achieved in a wide range of production from municipal services to solution mining, from coal production to increasing geothermal and oil production in projects already carried out by purchasing engineering services from abroad for large amounts; and he added that the nationalization of this technology would not be as difficult as it is thought, and that the needed R&D and production could be met easily with TÜBİTAK Institutes, universities and organized industrial zones, which have an enormous human resource.


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