Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory

Under construction at our institute, is our country’s first National 1 Mega Volt Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory, which will contribute greatly to earth, marine and environmental sciences, archaeology, biomedical research, and also to forensic medicine studies. Through this infrastructure radiocarbon dating will be possible in our country for samples obtained at researches by the most precise analysis method existing in the world, called Accelerated Mass Spectroscopy (AMS). By radiocarbon dating methods, dating will be made for organic samples from the present until 55, 000 years before, while for several rock samples until approximately 5 million years before by (10Be, 26Al ve 41Ca) analysis of longer half-life isotopes they contain. At the same time foreign dependencies will disappear in this area by this laboratory which will be the first in the Middle East and the Balkans providing new multidisciplinary research possibilities and strategic data will be generated in our country on geotectonic location, cultural heritage and environmental characteristics of our country.

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