Who We Are?

Earth and Marine Sciences Institute originates from the Earth Sciences Department that started its operations in 1983 under Fundamental Sciences Research Institute.  In the period from its establishment to 1996, it accumulated experience and knowledge and strengthened its background in the field of Earth Sciences. In 1996, it was affiliated directly to TÜBİTAK MAM. Since then, it has re-defined its goals and activity areas and performed its activities in parallel with the re-organization of MAM. In 1998, it became a Research Institute under TÜBİTAK MAM.

The institute’s vision is to become a “Center of Excellence” in Turkey and in the region in the field of exploring active tectonics and underground resources. Its missions are to conduct social benefit-oriented applied researches with multidisciplinary approaches based on measurement, monitoring and modeling in the areas of active tectonics and underground resources and to disseminate knowledge. The institute has always dealt with the unresolved Earth Science problems of Turkey in the light of global developments in Earth Sciences.

It adopts a client-oriented approach and focuses its operations in 3 areas; Active Tectonics Research Technologies, Geophysical Imaging Technologies and Advanced Geology Technologies.

In parallel with TÜBİTAK’s missions, the institute chooses comprehensive and challenging research areas which require long periods of time and which are mostly not addressed by universities.  In Turkey, which is located on an earthquake zone with several fault lines, the importance of earth sciences is appreciated more especially in the last ten years. In this context, the institute has been conducting projects with high added value that constitute a model for coordination at national level, as well as the long-term projects started in 2005.

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