Organizational Culture and Policies

To become a national and regional “Center of Excellence” in exploring the active tectonics and underground resources.
MissionTo conduct social benefit-oriented applied researches with multidisciplinary approaches based on measurement and modeling in the areas of active tectonics and underground resources and to disseminate knowledge.
  • To ensure that multi-disciplinary earthquake researches are conducted at the same standards across Turkey,
  • To contribute to public benefit by providing a background for disaster preparedness with the acquired knowledge on geological disasters through researches,
  • To raise the awareness of authorities and public on the geological factors adversely affecting the environment and human health so that necessary measures are taken,
  • To conduct studies in cooperation with implementing agencies, for the re-evaluation of oil and natural gas regions in order to increase the hydrocarbon resources,
  • To conduct social benefit-oriented researches in lacking fields of earth sciences by both enlarging the staff of experienced researchers and minimizing the institute’s burden on the public budget.

Management Policy

In line with the Management Policy of TÜBİTAK MAM, the Earth and Marine Sciences Institute aims to be a leading research and technology institute which provides maximum benefit to its stakeholders, competes at international level, targets continuous improvement in human resources, knowledge, science and technology and conducts applied researches based on measuring, remote sensing and computer-aided modeling.

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