Active Tectonics Research Technologies

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Within the framework of active tectonics research Technologies, studies are generally focused upon hazards of seismic origin carrying out research and project based activities in the areas listed below:

Multidisciplinary Monitoring and Modeling Geologic Hazards

  • Monitoring and modeling Earthquake, Tsunami, Landslide, Volcano and Geothermal Phenomena
  • Probabilistic/Definitional Seismic Risk Analyses at Provincial and National Level
  • Geologic Risk analyses for Nuclear, Geothermal Powerplants, Dams, Bridges, Tube Passage and Similar Structures

Seismic Research

  • Seismotectonic Research
  • Seismic Source Modeling
  • Crust Deformations, Fault Slip Velocity
  • Earthquake recurrence and stress interaction, long term earthquake forecasting
  • Paleoseismology, Structural Geology

Postseismic Emergency Observations

  • Real time After-Shock Studies
  • Geodesic Deformation Monitoring (GPS, PSinSAR, SAR, LİDAR)
  • Coulomb Stress Modeling and Aftershock Hazard
  • Surface Fracture and Active Fault Mapping

Active Tectonics Research Technologies Strategic Business Unit carries out its activities as a team of 12 people including 25% Ph.D. 41% M.Sc. researchers and technicians. Cooperation network includes state organizations, governorships and foreign research centers and universities within the framework of EC Frame Programs.